Why you might want to play in a Ladder

As you know first-hand — or can intuitively assume — pickleball is most fun when similarly-skilled players play together and compete against each other.  Unfortunately, in open play that doesn’t always happen. For the lower-rated players it can be demoralizing and confidence-sapping.  For the higher-skilled players it just isn’t challenging.  Pickleball ladders may be the answer. Ladders leagues are generally organized leagues in which players with relatively similar skills compete against each other in a competitive, structured and, typically, weekly format.  Think of a pickleball “ladder” as a graphical representation of a player’s ranking (by skill and performance) over a period of time (10 weeks, for example).  The rungs on the ladder represent a player’s current position (ranking) on the ladder relative to the other players — with the top rung of the ladder being the individual or team currently ranked the highest (the best winning percentage) and the bottom rung being the lowest-ranked individual or team.