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Beginning October 1 the KLPA / Ontario Pickleball Assoc and Pickleball Canada membership registration is open for 2024.  This is a great time to sign up as you are given 15 months of membership for the price of 12.  

The primary goal of the Kawartha Lakes Pickleball Association (KLPA) is to represent and be the voice of pickleball players in the City of Kawartha Lakes (CKL). 

The KLPA has and continues to facilitate the development of pickleball for all ages, skill levels and abilities in the CKL.   We universally promote and advocate on behalf of of our members the recognition of pickleball as a sport in the CKL.  

To do this we need your support as pickleball players and encourage you to click on the link below, which also not only supports the KLPA, but the Canadian and Provincial Pickleball Associations so they can grow the sport in partnership with KLPA.


KLPA makes deputation to the City of Kawartha Lakes Council on September 12, 2023.  Entitled, "Looking for improved access to Pickleball enabled facilities and Pickleball programs", Ken Haggert, KLPA Vice Chair provided Council members with where the KLPA Board would like to see Pickleball move over the next few years during the 5 minute presentation time allowed.  KLPA Board members have been busy speaking with numerous Council Members and Staff to move access to Pickleball along.  Results such as the Coboconk Tennis / Pickleball Courts being redesigned and resurfaced is an example of that outcome. As you can see at the end of Ken's presentation, the Mayor and Council members are very much onboard with the values that Pickleball brings and to enhancing Pickleballs footprint on programming in the City.  From Park Programming, to Schools, indoor, outdoor, junior senior, assisted or enabled, there is much room for Pickleball to grow in the City.

To see the presentation click on the link below.  The Deputations are in the afternoon portion of the meeting and KLPA is at approx 3.20 time mark.

Recent article in the Lindsay Advocate concerning Pickleballs growth.  One of our Board Members,  Peter Lindsay was interviewed last spring. 

As the summer starts to wind down and kids get ready to head back to school, remember that the newly resurfaced pickleball / tennis courts in Coboconk and the LindsayMemorial Park courts are great places to get your pickleball game on.  Most of the players use the TeamReach app to communicate and information can be found for access codes and other court information around the CKL at the Outdoor Play and Indoor Play links below.

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