Round-Robin Play

The object of Round-Robin play is to play with others who are of a similar level or calibre skill wise, and ensure the random choosing of partners and opponents.

Round-Robin begins with 12 or more players.

#1 Players sign-in on the Score Sheet, in the random order they arrive. Players are assigned the number on the left hand column.

#2 Choose the play chart based on the number of players for that days session.

#3 Round 1 is played: 

Players go to the court and play with the partner assigned by the chart.

Games to 11 (Hard 11)

Last court playing switches to Rally Scoring to finish the game sooner.

#4 Repeat #3 until all rounds/games are complete or time for session runs out.

SIGN-UP for Round-Robin

goto the: KLPA SuperSaaS

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